My wife was almost banned from the BBQ for her own protection as she kept burning herself.  She is still bbqing but with a great pair of heat resistant BBQ gloves.

My wife loves to BBQ but so do I.  In fact I used to go to parties and BBQ for large crowds of 200+ as I knew how to really work the grill.

They say that any relationship is all about compromise so we take turns at the BBQ and split the BBQ duties and we split our time on the BBQ.

I have to say that she has really turned into a pretty good cook on the BBQ, but still finds a way to burn herself.  .

We entertain a lot, and it’s not a party without the BBQ.  We have a BBQ sign that states the rules for attending our BBQ  soirees, come after breakfast, bring your own lunch, leave before supper and bring your own booze.   Nobody seems to follow these rules.

BBQ extras and BBQ cooking accessories include things like bbq aprons, Funny bbq aprons BBQ gloves, heat resistant BBQ gloves, table place mats, round place mats, Bamboo place mats, and bbq signs.