BBQ rotisseries are designed to handle those large slabs of meat that you want to cook slowly, while basting the meat as it turns so the end result is a moist and delicious mouth watering morsel of meat ecstasy.

Without a an outdoor BBQ rotisserie you would be left with a burnt, unevenly cooked, dry,  uninviting piece of meat that would resemble grade D meat  and not the grade A meat that you purchased.

Does anyone really want Grade D meat?  Funny you should ask, many fast food restaurants, prisons, and school cafeterias use ‘Grade D but edible’ meat.

For your sake and your guest’s sake I wouldn’t advise serving Grade D meat or Grade D but edible meat.

That scares the hell out of me that we even have a category of meat with a grade of ‘Grade D but edible’ meat.  They state it is fit for human consumption.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should think of BBQ grill rotisseries as something like a roasting pan that rotates so your meat comes our nice and tender.